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Quality Used Golf Carts for Sale at Great Rates in The Villages

In retirement, a golf cart means freedom and independence. Not only that, the small, electric powered vehicle is safer, social, more economical and environmentally responsible than the automobile. When looking for a golf cart dealer to buy a quality used golf cart in The Villages, look no further than Nobles Golf Carts. 

Nobles Golf Carts has been serving The Villages retirement community for over 50 years.  We’ve built an excellent reputation for selling top quality used golf carts and providing excellent service to our customers.  Unlike other used golf cart dealers, we sell re-manufactured golf carts.  This means they are of a higher quality than a typical refurbished golf cart and contain new parts to get them back to their original state.  Our re-manufactured golf carts come with a 3 year warranty as well.

Need accessories for your club car?  We have a full line available to you!

Why is a Golf Cart Important to The Villages Lifestyle?

If you’re retiring and moving to The Villages, owning a golf cart is essential to your new retirement lifestyle.  The Villages contains about 100 miles of golf cart trails which will take you anywhere you need to go. You can, of course, play golf but you can also take your refurbished golf cart to the bank, grocery store or hairdresser. You can even go dancing or to the movies. At The Villages, a golf cart is the primary means of transportation.

Fun Fact - As of 2011, The Villages accommodated about 50,000 privately owned golf carts, more than all the buses and taxis in Manhattan!

Golf carts at The Villages symbolizes both freedom and confinement (in a good way). When age and disability take away mobility, a golf cart delivers rejuvenating qualities as seniors cruise around in their quiet electric or gas powered vehicles. The open-air golf cart travels at low speed, unencumbered by doors and seat belts. But when the golf cart is your primary mode of transportation, it means you're not going very far and not getting there very fast. Therefore, golf carts give adult children peace-of-mind that their aging parents are safe in their community and still have the ability to take themselves where they need to be, and enjoy doing it.

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Certified Re-manufactured Golf Carts

At Nobles Golf Carts, every trade in and used golf cart we purchase is thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. We use only top quality golf cart parts when we re-manufacture the golf carts we sell.  To give you peace of mind, all our used golf carts for sale come with a limited bumper to bumper warranty. Here at Nobles Golf Carts we understand that not everyone lives at The Villages year-round and not everyone has the same need or budget when purchasing a golf cart. With our warrantied used golf carts we can always find a cart to fit your needs and budget.

 Give us a call today at 352-787-4440 or visit our main website at:

What Do You Do When Your Golf Cart Needs Repair or Maintenance

At Nobles Golf Carts, our founder believes “our strength is generated from our commitment to our clients, our customers and our community”. Since 1967, Noble’s has operated under this philosophy and continues to provide superior service and satisfaction to all customers. Our team of highly motivated individuals has developed an excellent reputation of servicing customers in the Central Florida area. We take pride in being honest and straight forward.

We service all makes and models of golf carts including Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car. We have a large selection of certified, quality used Club Cars for sale at all times. Service is everything at Nobels Golf Carts. We take a surgical, not a shotgun approach to repair, and 99% of all our repairs are returned to the customer within two days. We guarantee it.

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